Music Videos

Music Videos and Promos directed and/or edited by Tessa Greenberg:

“Every Time” – Jesse Hale Moore (Canvasback/Atlantic Records)

“Damage” – Angi3

Andrew W.K.  Album Promo Video:

“WERK” – Cherie Lily

“Heartmeat/LoveMuscle” – Tayisha Busay

“Blood of The Wicked Mon” – MenacE

“Get Out My Way” – Angi3

“Videodrome” – Great Tiger ( in 3D)

“Jump In” – Angi3

“Laced It” – MenacE

“Crucible of Courage” – Sapphos Journey:


“Unwind” – MenacE


“DJ Rumpelstiltskin” – MC EVERHEART

“Keep It Flexed”