IFC – “Ménage Á Trois – Splish Splash ft.Damian Young” (Credit: Director)


SERIOUSLY.TV – “Projecting – The Whipping” (Credits: Director)


MTV’s Braless “If Frats Were Feminist” (Credit: Writer / Director)

TBS – “Pop Up Stand Up: Times Square” commercial (Credit: Director)

FUSE – “Cipha Sounds What’s UR Thing” guest Angie Martinez  (Credits: Director/Editor)

IFC – “Ménage Á Trois – Dusted ft. Jo Firestone” (Credit: Director)


“Hello Future” – pilot for HLN / opticnerve, NYTVF official selection ’16 (Credit: Director/ Co-writer / Editor)


SERIOUSLY.TV – “Projecting – Is Usher The Greatest Usher of All Time?” (Credits: Director)

MTV’s Braless “If Rom Coms Were Feminist” (Credit: Director)

“OMNI:VERSE” (credit: show runner / contributing director)