How play became work (but still really play)

The first video camera I ever shot anything on was my Dad’s Panasonic VHS camcorder. When my friends came over, I often suggested that we play “Commercials”, which consisted of shooting home made videos in my kitchen, where we would take any old condiment from the refrigerator and enthusiastically sell it to the camera, (often playing both the “Mom” and “kid” since one of us was always behind the camera). We’d do it for hours, or at least until we ran out of blank VHS tapes (or heaven forbid, taped over an old little-league game). Best of all, was the thrill and satisfaction of being able to watch these “commercials” immediately after making them. 

I still feel this way! I love capturing the moment or creative something unique, and being able to share. Of course, I’ve since learned how to use various video editing software programs which allow me to shape and customize each project, but I am mostly grateful that my fascination with video has developed along with the age of digital media. 

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