About Video by Tessa

Contact:  Tessa.greenberg@gmail.com  

Tessa Greenberg is a comedy director and writer from New York City. Her love of off-the-wall and high concept storytelling has made its way
into a variety of pilots, shorts, and series for IFC (“Mènage À Trois”), MTV (“Braless”), Seriously.tv (“Projecting”), Refinery 29, and UCB Comedy to name a few.

As a kid, Tessa spent countless hours rewatching Pee Wee’s Playhouse, Ghostbusters, Beetlejuice, and anything weird that her Dad could record from TV onto a VHS. Since then she’s spent her time finding ways to capture the joy of eccentricity through filmmaking.

Tessa is a co-founder of the Brooklyn indie filmmaking collective, Video Mass (videomass.tv).
Their sci-fi and horror-anthology films have screened around the country and most recently at the Et Cultura film festival in St.Petersburg, Florida.
Her work has also screened at SXSW, NYTVF, Shriekfest (“The Shitting”), and Tribeca Film Festival (2016)
where she won the Grand Prize for her Snapchat film, “Hot Dogs Forever”. The most recurring themes in her work are confetti, pizza, and fart jokes.